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Taking its name from the royal city it flanks, glimpses of Rosewood Luang Prabang can be caught through the lush greenery girdling the resort. A true expression of earthly paradise, the resort sensitively captures the majesty of the landscape’s ancient Buddhist settlements, whilst acknowledging the unique but prevailing Franco-Laotian cultural blend.

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Reverence for the land

Rosewood Luang Prabang affords its guests a glimpse into another way of life in the spectacular surroundings of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sitting at the convergence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, undercurrents of water and its historical and physical importance for the Lao people envelop the landscape. Indeed, Luang Prabang itself sits at a cultural convergence; the city is the most holy site for Buddhists in Laos (the name itself meaning ‘In Buddha’s Image’), however, alongside the traditional architecture of the region, the vista very clearly shows the indelible marks of the country’s French imperial past.

No stay at Rosewood Luang Prabang is inauthentic – enjoyment of the surrounding environment, and, in particular, the way in which water has carved the landscape is integral to any stay. Whether your taste in activities gravitates towards a trek to Kuang Si Waterfall, rewarding yourself with a refreshing dip in the cool waters, or imbibing the sunset at the riverside, the natural world is at the core of Luang Prabang.

Lodgings are varied, ranging from poolside rooms and suites with easy access to the hotel’s pool and many other amenities, riverside villas encircled in lush greenery, to luxurious canopies on a secluded hillside with breathtaking mountain views. The resort itself draws from the landscape, the buildings’ own fabric incorporates local materials, and walls are bedecked with locally-sourced artwork from artisans and the surrounding hill tribes; reverence for the land is intrinsic.

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Steeped in spiritualism

Rosewood Luang Prabang’s Great House restaurant delivers traditional cuisine with authentic Lao flavour prepared with seasonable, locally-sourced ingredients; the resort’s relationships with local growers and The Rosewood Group’s approach to circular hospitality has cemented the restaurant as an integral part of the local community. Waterfall-backed candle-lit private dinners are also on the menu for those special celebrations where calmness and tranquillity are key. If an evening tipple titillates, the Elephant Bridge Bar infuses classic cocktails with local flavours – drinks with panache, garnished with herbs and spices grown in the resort’s organic garden.

Being no exception from the rest of the resort, the Sense Spa draws its tools and ingredients from locally-harvested botanicals foraged from the surrounding valley and mountains. Offering centuries-old traditional Lao therapies, remedies and rituals, nature’s very own larder is at the core of the spa’s holistic approach to wellbeing.

With wellbeing in mind, Luang Prabang’s guests are given the opportunity to engage with the enrichment of their own spiritual health as well as physical. Noi, an ex-monk, and the hotel’s own Buddhism expert-in-residence is always on hand to facilitate meditation and to help guests engage with the wider city’s Buddhist rituals. Excursions crossing the Mekong river on a traditional long tail boat and partaking in the long-standing tradition of alms offerings to the monks in Phanom Village are just a couple of the devotional activities available.

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Utterly unique destination

Nature’s beauty and bounty are all-encompassing at Luang Prabang; whether you choose to appreciate these wonders on foot, two wheels, or on four, there is an inexhaustible supply of earthly pleasures available to guests. River cruises provide an alternative way to experience the lush landscape, following in the ancient oar-strokes of the local people, taking to the water is the most authentic way to travel. Water assumes celestial status for the city – it transports, but it also provides Luang’s lifeblood as the main source of drinking water and as a supplier of sustenance.

Once known as ‘the Land of a Million Elephants’, fewer than 500 of these beautiful giants now freely roam the Lao landscape. Just a 25-minute journey from the resort, Manda Lao Elephant Sanctuary works to rescue elephants – guests can expect to learn about these majestic beasts, as well having the opportunity to brush and wash them. From fishing to meditation, cycling to pottery, the sheer number of excursions and experiences available at Luang Prabang set it apart from every other hotel, even other Rosewood properties. The combination of serene luxury, and the unfettered glimpse into another way of life, alongside the opportunity to engage with the arts, crafts, and history of the Lao people, makes Rosewood Luang Prabang an utterly unique destination.

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